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Meet En-May 

Internationally renowned

Strategic Intuitive Advisor, Empath,

and Modern-day Spiritualist.

Working with high-performing individuals in any industry and from any walk of life. En-May engages with her clients to safely, compassionately, and effectively remove limiting beliefs, providing insights to restore areas lacking vibrancy, productivity or desired results; to inspire and propel their greatest outcome for themselves, their companies, and all the lives within their circle.

Start Your Journey

Let’s address your current dilemmas. With head, heart, and mind, we will uncover your greatest and highest outcome. Having clarity is to have peace of mind, freedom of ch...
Personal Re-Growth
Feeling stagnant, uninspired, overwhelmed? Are you simply auto-piloting your skillset, while ignoring your career passions? Let’s fine-tune a strategy to get back on your...
Career Ambitions
Are your dreams, feelings, or moments of dejavu’ trying to tell you something? Are you being repeatedly alerted to take action but are unsure what, when, how, or why? It’...
Intuitive Intelligence




"En-May has helped me validate and clarify my purpose with strategies to get me catapulted. She is a very rare soul, with whom, I connected instantly. There was an immediate sense of familiarity and trust. She has a rare gift that combines beautifully with intellect, wisdom, compassion, knowledge and joy. With all the chatter of the mind and life, it’s such a luxury to be with En-May during our appointments. It’s a sanctum for me where I find healing, clarity, deep inspiration and connection."

“I recently met En-May Mangels at a conference where she spoke on trusting your intuition vs. instincts. She opened my eyes to the fact that a lot of the things I have been basing my decisions on were fears I brought on myself due to my past.  Some were large fears, and others were just simple things, such as, "I don't deserve having a job that I enjoy." My life will forever be changed because of the words and encouragement from En-May. She is a true joy to be around. She sees the best in people and wants them to succeed.”

Marc J. Sachnoff 

Lee Gallaher

Gallaher Group | Keller Williams

Jessica Hubbard

Hubbard Realty Group

“En-May is one of the most caring, wonderful, supportive people I have met in my life. She is an amazing influence in our lives. I am very lucky to know her as a friend and a spiritual guide. ”

Girija Seshadri 
Hindu Vidyalaya Group Of Schools

“I’ve known En-May for more than a decade and she never ceases to amaze me. Whether seeing her work one on one with individuals in crisis or taking over an audience of 300 people, En-May brings her unique gifts of compassion, wisdom and deep insights all delivered with infectious humor and sparkly energy. En-May is a world renowned intuitive and advisor because she has world class gifts. But most of all En-May has the biggest heart you’ll ever meet. I highly recommend her.”

“En-May is amazing, she is absolutely one of the best professionals I have hired in the past 4 years to receive advice for rebuilding our businesses and integrate our family life.”

Keith A


Jeffrey Castro

Castro Group | John L Scott Realty

“En-May Mangels I appreciate you. The perspective you enlighten me with always keeps me on the path of growth and self realization. Everyone needs an En-May in their lives!”


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